All About Half Cooked Solutions

This is the obligatory "all about me" page that all web sites must have. I quite liked the air of mystery that not having it gave me, but eventually we all conform to a lesser or greater extent.

My name is Andy and I'll be your host. I was born in England, hold dual British and Australian citizenship and wear a size eight and a half shoe (when I can get hold of them). I am a technologist by trade. My email address is andy47 at this domain. I have spent far too long working as a consultant for Oracle Corporation and then a number of associated consulting companies. These days I dabble in technology for an insurance company.

Which means that I know a lot about databases. Far too much some would say. I've used them to build OLTP systems, as well as Data Warehouses and assorted Business Intelligence solutions. I've done everything from make the tea to run the whole shooting match. My tea making is quite good, thanks for asking.

When I was working at Oracle in the late 90's I tried Java and got confused. I then stumbled across Thinking In Java in which Bruce Eckel mentioned that he used Python for most of his day to day programming and it suited him very well. One download and a quick run through the tutorial later and I was hooked.

That was something like 14 years ago and I'm still entranced with the language. Why didn't they have this when I was at university? I might have actually looked at the computing side of my degree rather than hang around with all of the management students.

For more useful information I've posted a curriculum vitae and I have a blog called Andrew Channels Dexter Pinion

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