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May 30, 2002


Today's top Vim tip. To escape special characters in vi you prefixed them with ^v (that is ctrl-v to all of you Windows users ;-) This doesn't work in Vim because ctrl-v is the now ubiqituous short cut for 'paste'. To escape a special character in Vim use ^q (ctrl-q). Sweet. As an example, if you have an SQL select statement and you would like each column in the select clause on a separate line, just type :s/, /,<ctrl-q><ctrl-m>/g and Bob will be your Auntie's live in lover.

Oh, and to be fair to the emacsen I almost installed that other editor on my machine at work today. When you finally get to the download page at (hint, it is at the stunningly obvious URL of the Windows installer is 23.3Mb - do you have any idea how long that takes to download over a 56k line? Maybe another time.

Posted by Andy Todd at May 30, 2002 09:13 AM