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May 21, 2002

Headings in Blogger

Dorothea asks if you can give posts a title in Blogger. The simple answer is no.

So how do I do it then? Firstly, I stripped almost all of the markup from around the post in my template.
But I was forced to include <p> tags inside the <blockquote> tags to make the page valid XHTML.

So at the beginning of each post in Blogger I type </p><h4>a witty and pithy title</h4><p> and Bob is your aunties live in lover.

Now I'm going to try and communicate this information to Dorothea via referer logs, failing that I may have to send an email later today <0.5 wink>

<edit>Of course, if I had perused my own archives the answer was already there. Is duplication a bad thing? Or am I just revising the information in this post? Who knows, but I should probably get back to posting about Python.</edit>

Posted by Andy Todd at May 21, 2002 10:15 AM