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May 14, 2002


Valid XHTML 1.0!.

I thank you. Of course, not everything is perfect, (and don't even go near the archives) but this is a good start.

The final step was to find a way to put post titles (as above) in this blog. Blogger doesn't currently have a way to title posts. I used to just put the first line in <strong> tags, but have recently switched to using <h4> as this arguably more correct HTML, and gives me more control over presentation via my stylesheet.

This presents a problem when you generate content from Blogger because the template really needs each post to be enclosed in <p> tags.

Once I had solved all of my other validation problems I was still stuck with this one. The compromise I have reached with myself is to have a blank line before each post. This is done by putting a closing </p> tag before the opening <h4> tag. I couldn't come up with another way to ensure my post headers were valid so I've stuck with this one. To see what I do just view the source of this page.

Oh, and the eagle eyed will have spotted the links to my stylesheet and Blogger template in the previous paragraphs.

Posted by Andy Todd at May 14, 2002 03:17 PM