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May 13, 2002


Well, now I've gone and done it. I reviewed my to do list today and top of the list (after languishing at number three for a couple of months) is to rebuild this web site and blog.

Specifically, I'm going all xhtml and css on you. Rather than document my toings and froings here though, I'll just point you at the places where I'm getting my information from.

The tutorial is being carried out by Dorothea Salo who is remolding AKMA's Random Thoughts with support and encouragement from Jonathon Delacour and Mark Pilgrim.

Changes will (hopefully) be made here in an orderly fashion, but until I say so, consider the "under construction" sign to be flashing. Oh, and when I'm done here, I'm off to my other site. But thats going to be a rather bigger job I fancy.

Posted by Andy Todd at May 13, 2002 02:53 PM