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May 02, 2002

Open Office

From this post on Slashdot, taken from the frequently asked questions;

Q. Is 1.0 100% Microsoft Office file compatible?
A. As Microsoft rarely publish their file specifications, no-one can answer that question. However, there are plenty of users who regularly edit and exchange documents, spreadsheets, etc with Microsoft Office users without any problems. Indeed, some users claim they've seen bigger compatibility problems moving between versions of Microsoft's own products.

Q. I've just saved a file from Microsoft Office in format, and it's much smaller - yet it hasn't lost anything?
A. Good, isn't it?

Q. Has this suite got that annoying paperclip?
A. No. Never has, never will. No. No!

Made me chuckle anyway.

Posted by Andy Todd at May 02, 2002 10:19 AM