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June 09, 2003

Dropping Columns in DB2

I don't want to believe it, but according to this post at dBforums you can't drop a column from a table on DB2 UDB (the version which runs on Windows, AIX and Linux).

My reading of the reference manual seems to confirm this as well.

I fear I am coming across as a bit of a whinger, put it down to Monday-itis. But come on, we need this, especially on projects where we strive to be agile.

Posted by Andy Todd at June 09, 2003 05:42 PM


I would give my right arm to work in a company where they "strive to be agile". I'd even make the tea.

Posted by: Steve on June 10, 2003 01:42 PM

You might have to settle for a company which strives to make tea, Steve.

Posted by: Simon on June 10, 2003 02:59 PM

Oh, can you drop a column in UDB2/400, Steve? I don't have an iSeries to hand just right now...

Posted by: Simon on June 10, 2003 03:01 PM

The company I'm working for at the moment sort of make a tealike substance. Then they have a procedure for fixing it.

Best I can find on the iSeries is:

alter table library/table drop column

Posted by: Steve on June 10, 2003 03:43 PM

Ah, AS/400 gags, they take me back. Its a shame only Simon and Steve understand them really.

I am just thankful that I'm still working on a Unix like operating system and not having to suffer the slings and arrows of outrageous OS/390 - sorry, zSeries.

Posted by: Andy Todd on June 10, 2003 03:58 PM

I think Oracle too lacked a drop/rename column functionality till version 8.

Posted by: Babu on June 10, 2003 08:39 PM