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July 03, 2003

A Desktop in XUL

Take a look at Robin, as long as you are using Mozilla, Firebird or Netscape (6 or 7). A whole desktop in a browser window.

Whats spooky is that a friend was demonstrating his flash application at the same time. The difference being that you don't need a plugin for Robin - just a specific browser. Whilst its not perfect it does show the potential of the Mozilla framework, which was the whole point of the four year re-write. But we won't go there apart from to say that I'm a Firebird user and I wouldn't use IE for all of the tea in china.

Courtesy of Asa Dotzler

Posted by Andy Todd at July 03, 2003 09:42 AM


oh WOW :)

I like that they went to the logical extreme of having a web browser in the desktop implemented in the web browser :)

Posted by: Richard Jones on July 4, 2003 03:20 AM