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August 21, 2003

Browsing Oracle Tables in PHP

I discovered Tim Strehle's Oracle Record Browser on freshmeat today.

Its installed and working on my machine and provides an interesting middle ground between the hard core tools like SQL*Plus and the pointy-clicky crutches like TOAD.

Its not widely known but the Oracle database has shipped with a fully featured version of Apache since release 8.1. It is installed under ORACLE_HOME/Apache/.

To get this script running on my work machine I simply downloaded a Windows copy of PHP and followed the installation instructions. I had to make some changes to the configuration, by taking the supplied sample php.ini file and placing it in C:\WINNT (I'm running Windows 2000). To facilitate this script I uncommented to line;

And replaced the supplied definition of session.save_path with;
session.save_path = "C:\WINNT\Temp"

Then I changed the configuration of the Oracle version of Apache to enable PHP by adding these two lines to httpd.conf;
LoadModule php4_module c:/php/sapi/php4apache.dll
AddModule mod_php4.c

The last step was to take the OracleEditor.php file and place it in the htdocs directory. Then all was sweetness and light.

Beware that this worked for me and you may need to adapt these instructions for your particular installation.

Posted by Andy Todd at August 21, 2003 12:20 PM