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September 25, 2003


I've just downloaded an ISO image of Knoppix 3.3 and burnt it to a CD. I put it in the drive on my work laptop and pressed the on button.

Bingo. I'm running a full GNU/Linux system with an X11 display and full access to my hard drive.

The people behind this are evil geniuses, and I can't thank them enough for spending the time to come up with something so good. Wherever I go now, I've got Debian in my pocket, regardless of the computer I'm using.

The only drawback seems to be that KDE is a bit heavy and doesn't work that well. I'm not sure if it's my machine or not, but IceWM works like a dream. I'm posting this entry through it.

Sadly, my other Debian woes continue. One of these days I'll figure out what on earth I'm doing. Then I'll be dangerous.

Posted by Andy Todd at September 25, 2003 10:16 PM


It's a pity KDE isn't working well for you - I happen to think it's the bees knees :)

Posted by: Richard Jones on September 26, 2003 02:25 AM

KDE works like a dream, normally. But on Knoppix running from a RAM disk its a little slow. I've only got 512Mb of RAM on my machine, maybe I should invest in a little extra ;-)

Posted by: Andy Todd on September 26, 2003 09:52 AM