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June 18, 2006

More Oracle XE on Ubuntu

I mentioned before that I'm running Oracle Express Edition under Ubuntu on my work laptop.

It's a pleasure to install and work with, but I've had just one niggling problem. Oracle XE uses Application Express for administration and development, except that I couldn't get it to work.

Thanks to this forum thread (sorry, you'll need a login to read it) I just needed to perform a simple chmod 666 to my $ORACLE_HOME/network/log/listener.log file and everything started working fine.

Apparently the Oracle XE application express application is served through the good old fashioned Oracle database listener and it wasn't starting properly. Something as simple as the permissions on the listener log file were causing it to fail at start up, Something I'd probably have figured out myself if I'd bothered to look at the other log files.

Posted by Andy Todd at June 18, 2006 10:04 PM


Thanks for the Oracle Install on win2k problem with JRE ver - followed u'r instr. & OK (was trying for days - painfull!!!!!!)

Would like to have thanked on that page itself but no comments field there.

Thanks again.

Posted by: ajay on June 22, 2006 07:03 AM