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November 04, 2002

Oracle Tips

I took my laptop home this weekend to do a little work. I was massaging some data for a client and thought I could get a head start by running some updates over the weekend.

As a job was running when I wanted to leave I simply unplugged the laptop from network and power and put it in my bag. Once I got home I opened it up again and the job carried on running. And running. And running. And running. In fact, it was still running at seven this morning as I prepared to leave home for work. So either my database was having trouble or I write the worst SQL in the world. Either was possible so I shut the machine down in a fit of pique and left for work.

When I got here I booted up, connected to the office network, and ran the job again. Which finished in three minutes. The moral of this story being that removing the computer running Oracle from the network is a bad thing. Even though I wasn't actually using any of the network features of the product. Weird. I'll have a look at the support boards when I get a chance.

Posted by Andy Todd at November 04, 2002 09:36 AM